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Freedom Lite

Freedom Lite is a more cost effective option of Sit/Stand electric desking.
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Freedom Lite Sit/Stand Electric Desk

Discover the cost-effective yet ergonomic solution of Freedom Lite Sit/Stand Electric Desks—a versatile range designed to elevate both health and productivity in your workplace. Tailor your workspace with a choice of desk shapes and sizes that cater to your specific requirements.

Key Features:

  • Cost-Effective Ergonomics: Freedom Lite offers a more budget-friendly option for Sit/Stand electric desking without compromising on ergonomic benefits, promoting a healthier and more productive workplace environment.
  • Customizable Shapes and Sizes: Choose from a variety of desk shapes and sizes, including rectangular, radial, and two-piece radial configurations, ensuring the perfect fit for your workspace needs.
  • Electric Sit/Stand Adjustability: The electric-only height adjustable desks, available in 600mm or 800mm depth, empower users to easily switch between sitting and standing, promoting better health and well-being.
  • Unique Design Options: Stand out from modern offices with Freedom Lite's unique two-piece radial desks, available in separate color finishes, adding a touch of distinction to your height-adjustable workstations.

Freedom Lite Sit/Stand Electric Desk offers the perfect blend of efficiency, ergonomics, and customization options, empowering your workplace with adaptability and well-being in mind.

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