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Patchwork is a new furnishing concept. Private and open at the same time.
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Patchwork: Flexible Workspace Solutions for the Hybrid Office

Embrace the versatility of Patchwork—a modular workspace solution designed to cater to the diverse needs of the modern hybrid office environment. Whether you need a quiet space for a video call, a cozy corner for focused work, or a casual meeting area, Patchwork offers endless possibilities for creating functional and inviting spaces tailored to your requirements.

Key Features:

  • Customizable Configurations: With Patchwork, you have the freedom to design your workspace according to your preferences. Choose from five different configurations, including the train seat, concentration workplace, meeting place, duo workplace, and pantry, each offering unique features and functionality to suit various work scenarios.
  • Modular Design: Every Patchwork configuration starts with 90 cm high wooden walls that are easy to assemble. These walls serve as the foundation for building your desired workspace layout. Add acoustic panels of different heights (40 or 60 cm) for enhanced privacy and noise reduction, and optionally, install a roof to create a cozy and enclosed environment.
  • Versatile Applications: Patchwork is perfect for larger spaces such as reception areas, auditoriums, or open office layouts. Whether you need a space for short discussions, focused work, collaborative meetings, or casual gatherings, Patchwork offers the flexibility to adapt to any setting.


  1. Train Seat: Ideal for short discussions, waiting areas, or casual breaks. Can be placed as a standalone unit or connected to other configurations for added flexibility.
  2. Concentration Workplace: Create a secluded area for focused work or private phone calls within the office. Offers a cozy environment conducive to productivity.
  3. Meeting Place: Accommodates up to four people for meetings or consultations. Comfortable benches and acoustic walls provide privacy and reduce external noise, fostering productive discussions.
  4. Duo Workplace: Perfect for call centres or team workspaces, equipped with modern conveniences and height-adjustable desks for added comfort and flexibility.
  5. Pantry: Features a deeper cabinet for housing coffee machines or office equipment, with integrated cable management for a tidy workspace.

Experience Versatility and Comfort with Patchwork:

Transform your office into a dynamic and adaptable workspace with Patchwork—a flexible solution for the evolving needs of modern work environments.

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