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Qdos has a sleek and elegant appearance, with a smooth leather seat and a shiny aluminium frame.
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Qdos Chair

Introducing Qdos, a culmination of extensive research and collaboration with renowned designer Justus Kolberg, resulting in a chair that transcends the ordinary to elevate your well-being and productivity. Inspired by the essence of kudos—praise for excellence—Qdos lives up to its name, delivering a fusion of elegance, intelligence, and functionality.

Key Features:

  • Sleek Design: Qdos embodies sleek elegance, boasting a smooth leather seat paired with a lustrous aluminium frame. Beyond its aesthetic appeal, this chair exudes sophistication and style.
  • Intelligent Ergonomics: Beyond its stunning appearance, Qdos is a smart chair engineered with an exoskeleton designed to adapt to your body shape and posture. It ensures optimal support and comfort, enhancing your posture for improved productivity.
  • Dynamic Comfort: Qdos features a unique tilting mechanism that allows for smooth and effortless reclining, seamlessly adjusting to your natural movements. This dynamic functionality adds an element of ease and adaptability to your sitting experience.
  • Tailored Customisation: Choose from various options for backrest height, frame finish, and upholstery materials, all crafted with premium quality and durability. Qdos offers a chair tailored to your unique style and comfort preferences, ensuring a perfect fit for your workspace.
  • Celebrating Excellence: Qdos isn't merely a chair; it's a celebration of excellence in design, engineering, and performance. It sets a new benchmark, deserving praise for its exceptional craftsmanship and functionality.

Qdos isn't just another chair—it's a statement of sophistication and performance. Whether at your desk, in meetings, or during relaxation, Qdos ensures you feel and look your best. Experience the pinnacle of chair excellence with Qdos, where elegance meets ergonomic innovation. Celebrate excellence in every moment with Qdos!

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