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Fostering Privacy and Productivity in the Open Office.
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Sail Booth

Reimagine the Workplace with Sail Booth

Bevlan Office Interiors introduces Sail Booth, a revolutionary booth system designed to address the growing need for privacy in contemporary office spaces. Sail Booth elegantly balances focused work and collaboration, fostering creativity and concentration within an open floor plan.

Unite Privacy with Unparalleled Comfort

Sail Booth isn't just a partition; it's a haven for focused work and relaxation. The ergonomically designed, high-back sofa offers exceptional comfort, even during extended periods of use.  Whether you need to concentrate on a complex task, take a quiet break, or hold an impromptu meeting, Sail Booth provides a haven within the open office.

Four Configurations for Diverse Needs

Sail Booth caters to a variety of workstyles with its four distinct unit options, offering spaces for individual work, collaboration, or a combination of both.  This versatility allows you to optimise your workspace layout to suit your team's needs.

Designed to Complement Your Space

Sail Booth boasts an elegant and organic profile that seamlessly integrates into most design schemes.  The system's understated beauty enhances the aesthetics of your office, fostering a sense of calm and focus.

Enhanced Functionality

Sail Booth goes beyond privacy.  Selected configurations feature integrated laptop holders and power outlets, ideal for presentations or individual work requiring laptops.  The generous proportions provide ample personal space for individual users or small group collaboration.

Sail Booth: Where privacy meets productivity. Create a workspace that empowers your team to thrive.

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