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Snug Sofa

With ultra-deep seats and a simple pillow edge detail, the Snug Sofa really is the perfect sofa for relaxed meetings or socialising with colleagues.
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Snug Sofa

Introducing the Snug Sofa - an embodiment of comfort and versatility designed to redefine relaxation in the workplace. True to its name, this sofa prioritizes comfort with its ultra-deep seats and understated pillow edge detail, making it an ideal choice for casual meetings or socializing with colleagues.

Key Features:

  • Unmatched Comfort: The Snug Sofa is crafted with comfort as its focal point. Its ultra-deep seats and simple yet inviting pillow edge detail create an atmosphere conducive to relaxed meetings and comfortable social interactions among colleagues.
  • Versatile Sizing: Available in single, two, or three-seater options, the Snug Sofa's uncomplicated form and classic black frame effortlessly complement any interior scheme, ensuring adaptability to diverse office settings.
  • Customisable Design: Tailor the look and feel of your Snug Sofa by choosing from a wide range of fabric options and colours to match your preferred aesthetic. Explore the two-tone fabric options, opt for the addition of Duet Power for added functionality, or indulge in matching cushions to elevate the sofa's luxury and style quotient.

The Snug Sofa stands as a sanctuary of comfort and adaptability in the workplace. Its emphasis on comfort and the array of customisation options, including fabric choices and additional features, ensures a personalised touch while offering a relaxed and inviting atmosphere for collaborative meetings or casual interactions. Experience the epitome of comfort and style with the Snug Sofa, redefining relaxation in office spaces!

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