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A small creative and private space? A safe retreat? Den is that space.
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Den Booths

Introducing Den - a creative and private retreat crafted to provide a sanctuary within the workplace. Den is designed as your ideal noise barrier, featuring enhanced acoustics to shield you from the bustling surroundings, offering a haven for focused work or moments of solitude.

Key Features:

  • Acoustic Sanctuary: Den serves as a noise barrier, meticulously enhanced for acoustic separation, allowing you to immerse yourself in undisturbed work. It provides a secluded environment conducive to concentration and creativity.
  • Versatile Configurations: The Den family offers a diverse range of configurations including booths, cubes, and panels, fostering modular creativity and adaptability within the workspace. Customisable worktops complement varying work styles, while providing the option for integrated power, reading lights, and data connectivity for a personalized office spot.
  • Tech-Savvy Design: Den caters not only to diverse work styles but also to varying IT needs. Its tech-savvy features ensure support for modern connectivity demands, meeting requirements for data connectivity, reading lights, and power access.
  • Modular and Economical: Den's modular design allows for economical construction and easy reconfiguration, ensuring adaptability to changing workspace needs. Perfect for modern open office spaces requiring zoning, Den solutions offer versatility and practicality.

Den is more than just a small creative retreat; it's a versatile and secluded workspace designed to meet the evolving needs of modern work environments. Its emphasis on acoustics, modularity, and tech-friendly design offers employees or students an ideal space for focused work, fostering productivity and creativity within the bustling office atmosphere. Experience the tranquillity and adaptability of Den, providing a haven within your workspace!

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