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One of the most adaptable acoustic solutions on the market.
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Recyclable contents:
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Fabricks™ Acoustic Floor-Standing Screen

Meet Fabricks™, the ultimate acoustic solution revolutionizing open-plan office spaces. Crafted to redefine workspace functionality, Fabricks™ is more than a mere divider—it's an adaptable, noise-reducing design marvel that seamlessly blends functionality with aesthetics.

Key Features:

  • Adaptable Acoustics: Fabricks™ stands tall as a versatile acoustic solution, effectively dividing open-plan spaces while significantly reducing ambient noise. Its innovative brick wall-like construction isn't just visually striking but also serves as a robust noise barrier.
  • Flexible Design Element: Beyond its acoustic prowess, Fabricks™ doubles as a pivotal design element. Its flexibility allows for diverse configurations, enabling you to tailor your workspace while enhancing its visual appeal.
  • Enhanced Workspace Functionality: This floor-standing screen goes beyond its primary acoustic function, contributing to a more productive work environment. It promotes focused work by minimizing distractions, fostering a conducive space for creativity and concentration.
  • Seamless Integration: Fabricks™ seamlessly integrates into various office layouts, offering an elegant and functional solution to optimize space and aesthetics. Its adaptable nature ensures effortless incorporation into different design schemes.

Experience the transformative power of Fabricks™—not just an acoustic solution, but a versatile design element that redefines workspace dynamics, fostering a quieter, more productive, and visually appealing office environment.

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